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Osaki OS-7200H Review

Osaki OS-7200H

Osaki is one of the leading brands in the massage chair industry, so I was naturally excited to give the OS-7200H a try. Before my first session, I envisioned being enveloped in a cloud while having every kink and knot worked out of my muscles. And for the first time …

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Osaki OS-7075R Review

Osaki OS-7075R

The Osaki brand offers massage chairs in a wide range of prices, and the Osaki OS-7075R is in the mid-price range. Featuring a black synthetic leather and zero gravity, you’ll sink right into the OS-7075R as it scans your body with the built-in sensors to determine the best way to …

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Osaki OS-1000 Review

Osaki OS-1000

The Osaki OS-1000 is one of the best entry-level massage chairs on the market. Meant for affordability, this chair will offer an exceptional massage, but it does lack some of the advanced features that the high-end models include. That doesn’t mean the OS-1000 doesn’t provide a great massage for the …

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Osaki OS-4000 Review

Osaki OS-4000

How often do you get a massage at your local spa or chiropractor? Maybe you’re thinking about starting massage therapy, but worry about the long-term costs of weekly or monthly sessions. The Osaki OS-4000 is a massage chair that will make you break up with your massage therapist – and …

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