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Cozzia EC363E Review 

The Cozzia EC363E is a moderately priced shiatsu massage chair that offers zero gravity, targeting massages, automatic height adjustment and even heat therapy. We couldn’t wait to get our hands (or body, really) on this chair to give it a test ride.

Sale Price:$2,999.00
And truthfully, I’m not sure I’ve ever been this relaxed in my life.

During my Cozzia EC363E review, I literally fell sleep in the chair as my muscles were massaged to near bliss.

Cozzia EC363E Features

  • Ergonomic S track
  • Lumbar heating
  • Zero gravity
  • 6 automated programs
  • 3 partial programs
  • LCD control
  • 15/30 minute timer
  • 350-pound weight limit
  • Vibration seat
  • Shoulder massage
  • Motorized for an extension adjustment
  • 35 airbags

Just looking at these features, you’ll realize that this is one of the most advanced massage chairs on the market today. What I really liked about this chair was that when you sit in it, there’s an automatic foot extension option.

What this does is adjust the chair to your height automatically – it’s fantastic.

And you’ll find that there are a lot of smaller features that make this chair simply blissful:

  • The seat will vibrate, providing a massage for your bottom.
  • The shoulder height can be adjusted to provide the perfect shoulder massage.
  • Incorporating over 35 airbags, this model can massage your feet, arms, neck, back and calves.
  • The chair does provide lumbar heat to loosen back muscles.

These are just a few of the many features that make this model one of the best massage chairs for shiatsu. But there are several different programs that go beyond the regular shiatsu massage:

  • Jacuzzi
  • Heating
  • Multilayer
Sale Price:$2,999.00
Essentially, your entire body can be massaged with this chair. Going into zero gravity, you’ll experience a full body stretch as the vertebrae and discs in your back and neck realign themselves. The increased level of blood flow is great for these areas and will help them heal faster. The leg extension can also be used to stretch your lower body and knees when needed.

You’ll be able to choose between six massage techniques using the LCD panel, and there’s a wireless remote that can be used to control your experience.

Users have the option of sitting in the chair for 15 or 30 minutes, but there’s also the option of shorter massages for on-the-go use.


  • Heating allows for true comfort while massaging.
  • Zero gravity allows for a gentle, much-needed stretch of the back and lumbar area.
  • The massage settings are easy to adjust, and the leg extension is definitely one of the best automatic models I’ve used.


  • This model is very heavy at 260 pounds.

My only concern and warning to you is that this chair weighs a staggering 260 pounds. What I recommend is having somebody, preferably multiple people, help you move this chair and set it up appropriately.

Aside from this minor complaint, this chair is near-perfect.

I found that the adjustments and controls were very easy and intuitive, the massages are one of the best I’ve ever experienced. And the heating really allows for a deep massage in the lumbar area. I would even recommend this chair over going to see a professional massage therapist.

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